Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 16 2013

I dont even know what week it is, but Im loving it out her in the mish! Still hot and cant say that I miss the snow in SL,UT! So this past week was real good and the weeks keep getting better and faster! With being DL I dont really have time to do much else! Me and comp are Killing it! We had the best numbers in our Zone this past week and we are just doing really good. We have 3 baptism this saturday, so life is good, memebers are working with us so lifes good! 

My comp and I are getting along really welll and use sacasm and humor a ton which is getting us into to teach people. It sounds a little un humble but people are loving it! Well say things like,can we help you with anything? Theyll think and then we will respond We could paint clean eat annoy. Its not that funny but they love it and its getting us in to the their houses! 

We are going to the temple tomorrow which has felt like such an eternity since I was there. We have a whole party kinda thing with multiple zones so it should bet pretty fun. 

I went to the hospital again this past week, I have had a really sore thoat and this kinda spot on the inside and it was there for 5 days ish and so I callled pres and we went to the hospital.... I hate it so much. The scare the crap outta me. Soy niña con las clínicas. So they thought that they needed to do tests... Oh not good. They drew bloooooooddddddd.. I hate needles soo much. Say what you want but I hate them so much. Its probably good no one could understand what I was saying! Hahaaha

We bought so sweet air soft guns in the street for 2.50 so we shoot each other all the time which are surprisingly good for 2.50 ha. They work good for shooting freaking cockroaches which I swear have black magic cause they come outta nowhere! 

Me gustaría a compartir poco en español y ustedes no van a entender pero todos en Estados Unidos tienen celulares o una computadora. Como estan todos? La vida ecuador es muy buena y creo que presidente Amaya y yo caer bien porque nadie en mi Zona pueden pida le permiso de él pero él siempre ha dado permiso para todo. Ayer le llame y le pide permiso para paintball y me dio permiso y también a ir la bahía cual es un grande ¨flea market¨. Es muy peligroso y puede comprar cualquier cosa quiere en allí, entonces no sabemos todavia. Mi espanol no es perfecto pero es mucho mejor cada día y personas en mi sector han decido que mi espanol es mejor de alguno misioneros que tiene casi un ano! 

Okay enough of that! I not sure what to think... The investigadores in my area dont want us to baptism them but all these other girls in the others sectors have me baptising them, so i guess its kinda of a trade off! Lifes just good!

Miss you all and this time of year remeber that christmas isnt about boxes, gifts, things or bags. Its about our Lord and savior and without him what do we have? Only this life. We have the opurtunity to return to live with Christ, God and all of our family and we are more concerned with glittery paper and a bow? Come on! The word Christmas has Christ in it and in the front. Christmas is Christ. DONT EVER FORGET THAT! 

Well my time has come to an end once again, love you and miss you all! Thanks for the support! 

Elder Strang

¨giv´n em heaven¨

Dec  9th  2013

Week.. who cares! 

Hola todos! Como estan? My spanish is much best then was before. My English now much worse right noow. 

Hah What a week! Everything is crazy busy and being Dl is nuts without perfect spanish! Every tuesday I have to give a training to my District on what I feel that they are lacking in their teachings, so that was interesitng! We get home at 9 every night and plan for a half hour and then after I talk with my district and the ZLs for about an hour. Takes forever! 

Well got my new comp from Argentina! Hes way cool but doesnt like to obey any rules so thats going to be fun! He has time in Argentina almost the same as me but his past companion didnt learn a thing and they had a really loose mission so its gonna take some work! So last night in bed he just starts talking outta nowwhere and I was like who are you talking too, and our phone was still plugged in and he has a freaking cell phone and was talking with his family! I was like dude no not okay! So hes planning on giving it to the mish pres when he sees him next. Latinos... 

Im so tired. Everynight you hit the pillow and think Im a tired little boy. Theres is no time to do anything in the nights but call call call and then sleep. Last week was good to have elder rallison (my comp from the MTC) Here and we just hung together until we got our companions. Hes trainging too and got the most serious elder I have ever seen. The kid does not smile! Haha 

Had Interviews with president Amaya this past week and that went good! Normal ones that he has with zones every couple of months. After I talked with all the other missionaries and they said that he chewed them out for stuff and I didnt get any of that so all is well haha!

We had two more baps this past week!! :) So great and was such a long time coming with them. Never give up on anyone! Sometimes you may not be the one to bring this message but if you leave a good enough impression the next has a lot better start! Remember that we are all mimssionaries and that we have they resposibilty as members to help missionaries in the lords work because its not easy to knock doors everyday, go for a half an hour and help the elders! GIve them a reference its not hard! We all know people!  

I love you all and thank you for the support! Keep the emails coming! 

Love Elder Strang