Monday, September 15, 2014

What a great week! Things are going great with my companion, with investigatores... Lifes great! We have people that we are teaching that are progressing with poeple that we are bringing back to church! Well we had 7 investigadores at church on Sunday which is a lot better than what we have been having, so we are very pleased with that and everything is getting better! We got a referral the past week of a older couple that wanted to listen to the lesson so we went. They started out by saying they were Evangelics and that they had their Church and all the stuff that we always hear.. but after treching them and some help from a member they will be getting married and baptized in these coming weeks... the sister that gave us the referral said that they had been visited many times in the past missionaries and never wanted anything to do with us.. just goes to show that God has his time in all things.. 

We ate lobster from the Galapagos Islands yesterday which was flown in fresh the day before! It was great. Also bought a Alpaca Poncho like you see on Discovery Channel haha super sweet! :) We went to Malecon (look it up) today and it was overcast so it was a great day! Ate lunch on the riverside. bought a poncho all in good company! 

Learned something very powerful this past week.. I would alwyas here people saying that their prayers had been answered and that they had some expirence.. but i never realized that mine were being answered. I now have been thinking how powerful prayer really is.. Our Heavenly Father knows way better than we do and can do anythnig acording to our faith. In a world so crazy with so many things can we really afford to not have specfic personal prayers? NO! We need God in our lives and need his help and cousel with all things! Like it says in Alma 37, talk with the Lord in all your actions. I truly belive that we are so in debt to our Heavenly Father but with that debt he is still wiling to bless us immensly. Whether times be good or times be bad, hes always there and always wiling to help us. Also I know with 100000000000000000% on my soul that the Book Of Mormon is the Word Of God. I had so a testifying expirence after asking specfiec things.. and wow what a beautiful. How blessed we are to have it in our lives. 

I want you all to know that I love you and hope that you can ask and pray specficaly in every moment. The Church is true, book is blue and Moroni is alwyas on the ball! 

Elder Strang