Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What a week! Results have finally come.. well in a way :) We worked really hard last week and had some really good results. We found a couple families and invited them to be baptized, and they accepted! After, we invited them to church and said that they would go. We have been working with other familes as well, which all said they were going to come to church yesterday. It was all going great, till yesterday. No one came! What a test of faith and patientce! I was quite frustrated well into lunch when I met a familly member of the family where we ate lunch. We got talking and he told me that if Im preaching the Gospel and keeping the rules, then Im completeing with my job as a missionary. Brought a lot of peace to my trouble mind thinking about the people that werent able to come and why they werent able to come. 


I remember after how my mission pres has told us that we need to find joy in all that we do, as long as we are keeping the rules. And thinking about all that we do, we should find joy in that, or why would we do it? I know that there are things that we dont have much of a choice of not doing, but why not find joy in them as well? Ive been trying to apply it in my life and ifnd that I am so much more relaxed and unstressed in my life. I even find time to look at the sunsets and smell the roses :) 


Well on the lighter side of the week. I ate cow stomach soup, again. Look up MONDONGO, thats what it is. I ate like I was taken pills, with a chunk in my mouth washed down with Coca Cola, not my favorite for sure! We helped a new convert put a fence in her year, fighting off ants the size of your knuckle and using tools not adaqute for the job, made a fun and interesting morning :) We have been playing more soccer doing more service and finding joy in all that we do :) 


I hope you can all find joy in your lives this week in all that you do :) 



Elder Strang

Guayaquil over the river