Sunday, December 28, 2014

What a short week with so much that happened! On Tuesday we had another training with President Riggins. They talked and reviewed the things that we had learned with Elder Uceda (the Area 70 that came) which was good cause it jsut hit home even more! That day was mostly consunmed in the Church. Afterwards we went home and made some hamburgers American stlye well as American as they get! They were so good. I dont know why, it took so long to make them, its just time that I eat better food. 

On Wednesday we had our day on contacting which went very well! We didnt just knock doors all day but focused on finding new people. We talked with a lot of familes in the street, went to less active members houses and asked referalls from all those we visited. We had two refferals that day and  found about 2 other families that we will be teaching this week! 

On Thursday we had more of an atypical day as I call them. Teaching Preaching and doing the things missionaries do! :) 

On Friday we had lunch way far away,which is normal for Fridays but its got to be 8 miles away. Its about 5 miles in bus and then another two walking and then two walking back out. And lately the sun has been burning into my bones more then usual so its qutie the walk :) Thankful for the sacrifice of the pioneers! 

Saturday we had ward counsel and correlacion meeting which went well. We are all really trying to work together and help the ward as a whole but that can be a long slow process at times! 

Sunday was an amazing day. We had a couple at Church that are working on getting baptized but they have to do a couple things first. But later in the night we were to sing at an anugaracion of a giant Christmas tree in the center park here in Milagro. We sang in front about 2500-3000 people! It was nuts! Such a hit and brought in the true meaning of Christmas! 

I hope that you all have a good Christmas and can prepare to remember the true meaning :) 

Love Elder Strang