Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dec.  23 2013

Wow, another year down...? Where does the time go? I am at 5 months and it seems like yesterday I was freaking out flying over Mexico not knowing what anyone was saying, and then slowly settling in the the MTC and then aburuptly leaving again to a new country or rather a new world. With knowing nothing about what was going on, feeling lost and alone.... The only thing to do was drop to my knees an pray, I learned that lesson soooo much. When you feel alone and theres literally no one you can talk to, dont forget you have your father in heaven that always wants to hear from you. We always seem to forget Him in the good times, and only pray when we are in the hard times. Hes always there and alwyas willing to help us.

Had a poopy week with Christmas. Wasnt exacly easy! Soooooo good to talk with my fam! Thank ya tenology and the creators of Skype, but Christmas was hard! We had plans but they all fell though and so we just sat at home and thought about home. Not great! But we did get sooo much food, and Turkey :) I was a happpy camper! 

Im so tired. I just wanna sleep, but cant do that! We had two more baps :) We be baptizing like crazy! We had a goal of 3 for Dec but we hit 5! That was good and my district had a goal of 10 and we completed that too! we had 11 of the 15 baptisms in the zone! Good numbers! And more are on the way! :) This month we set a new record of Baps in the mission! They havent told us yet but the old record was 317 so we had more than that! Making history here in Ecuador! 

Still hot. Rain is not a good thing. It just makes it hotter. We had a tiny bit and it was do hot and I couldnt get dry, its unreal how hot it is. Everything else is good. We played some basketball and destroyed some kids today. I can get a clean dunk now so making them look like foooooolssss. :) Its unreal playing sports. My skin felt like it was going to burst into flamezzzz. And you cant breath its just so hot. But it was fun to play! 

Miss you all like crazy and am so thankful for all the support! I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Disfrutan! Les amos y estoy agradecido por todo! ( It says I love you all and im thankful for everything!) :) 

Elder Strang

Giv´n em Heav´n  

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