Monday, February 10, 2014

Kolby Update ZZZZ Ater Transfer

Sorry that I wasn't able to write last week... The Change finally came! I got transfered and Am now 4 hours away in a tiny little town called Quevedo.

I went from the huge bustling city to a town of a good size but it also has really small parts. Im in a town called Nueva Jerusalen. We live in the city, super nice house, but work in the... JUNGLE! Its so sweet! All the roads are dirt and tree houses are all made of wood or bamboo! Rivers and our sector borders bananna plants and after tht is all jungle. Its crazy! The ward is a lot smaller, I went from 250 in Condor to about 70 here. Little bit different. The chapel is smaller then most peoples houses in the US and theres only fans, no A/C. The people are a lot more humble becasue they dont hae much so the success rate here is huge. We had a baptism last saturday and have about 6 lined up for the 22. My Comp is from columbia and is quuite different than anyone ie had before, well see how things go! 

Sorry i dont have much time this week but ill write more next week! Thank you all for your suppport! Love you all!

Elder Strang

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