Sunday, April 13, 2014

Donde esta el tiempo? Se va rápido no? 

This past week had a lot of things go down...  First off we are all fine here with the Volcano whitch I just found out today that it went off! Earthquakes and things like that are normal so dont worry! 

We completed our goal and set a record of 50 baptisms in the mission last month so again Presidnt Amaya came and ate KFC with us which was way good. That morning before we had the Lunch President, The assiants and the Zone Leaders did inspections in all the houses in the Zone.. I was reading during study time and president then the assiants and then the Zone leaders pass by the window, at first i thought i was sleeping haha but then they came in and searched everything! Well, feels good to say that i don't have anything as a problem and that I was doing what Im supposed to do :) 

Afterwards we had a conference with the Zone and they have now just changed the rules of the mission. We are only allowed to baptise familis and the those over the age of 13. There has been too many kids gettting baptisms of kids then they dont have support so then they become inactrive. So the new rules are supposed to help but means that we have to work all the harder! :) 

Things are well, we are on track to have to 23 baptisms this week, so excited for that! I have too say that I didnt enjoy confernece as a misisonary because the whole time we were running around watching finding people to bring. We were late for some and then I had to help with investigadores kids, so it wasnt as good as sitting at home on the couch but from what I was able to llisten too I was amazing! :) 

What I really took out of it was, that we need to be that same in every moment of everyday. Devleop your faith then help those around you develop the faith. What an amazing Gospel we have. I love you all and hope you all have a good week! 

Love Elder Strang

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