Thursday, July 10, 2014

July & 2014 

Good week! Learning lots, Changing for the better! I do have to say that it is very hard to wirte every thing in one hour but Im doing my best! This week Ive been thinking a lot about how missionaries can and should prepare for a mission. And I have come up with a few tips.

1 Be worthy. 100%, make the choice that you wont do anything to get in the way of your choice to serve. There are tons of things that we all brush off saying that they arent that big of a deal, but let me tell you,they are. The for strength of youth phapmlet says it all. Read it, live it and be worthy. Just always ask yourself, would i do this if my Heavenly Father or Jesus were here? Remember you cant teach anything that you dont live!

2 Read the freaking scriptures! I cannot tell you how much time we waste. We should always be reading but you will get into the mission field and say wow, I know nothing! And then you will be asked some of you in a foreign language how to explain in deepth profound doctrine, and you wont know, so make it a part of you life! Pray along with the study! The scriptures are the guide and the spirit will confirm the things that you are learnign! 

3 If you are going foregin, study the langauge now. Nothing is worse than not understanding.

4 Get away from all the social media. You cannot take it with you, and it IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME! What are you learning? Nothing? Well youre wasting time :)

5 Start preparing now. Procrastination is a strong tool of the devil. Dont think that you can wait till tomorrow, because we dont know what tomorrow will be. (James 1:22)

6 Learn the atonement and charity. Those activies that are in the back of chapter 6 of PMG, if you dont know what PMG is than get of facebook and go study! Ha but those attributes of Christ will come out of  you naturally! 

The mission is amazing, Love the people. Love what you do and you will do it well!

We have found some more people this past week and we are working with them, a couple families that are reallly tough. They have their religion and thats when people it can be hard because they dont want to change and then its hard for us to say goodbye... but it just isnt thier time.. 

We are still working with the couple that wants to get married, that will be married onthe 18 of this month :) and baptized on the 19! :) Everything is going great with them. 

The new mission pres is awesome From San Diego Cali, Relious Professor at BYU I-do, sorry Idaho haha but he knows a ton of the Gospel and the scriptures. I had a little interview with him and it was like I had known him for 20 years! Super nice guy.

Well thank you all for the support and all you do for me, love you all! 
Have a Great week!

Elder Strang 

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