Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18th 2014

What a great week! With a new President, come new rules, and so last week we had transfers. Im still in Los Rieles and life is great! My new companions name is Elder Franco from Bolivia. Super nice guy. Kinda of a pretty boy ha likes to spend a lot of time in the mirror and takes froever to get ready, but Ill hope that will just get us into more house ahaha :) We had a baptism last Saturday! Super Strong member. Her mom was baptized forever ago and so it was great to see another member of the family take the first step to eternal salvation! 

This past week we have been contacting a ton, as President told us we would be doing which never had worked before but we know that President is an inspired man because we have found a buch of families that are now progressing. We are teaching a family of 9 which are progressing quite well and a couple of others that we found contacting last week. I was a great week.

On Friday we went to the temple with President Riggins and 2 other Zones which was amazing to be able to go back again. After we had a zone conference with Presient and a surprise visitor that showed up, Elder Waddell, The Area 70 haa it was quite a learning day. They talked quite strongly with us about the temple and how being missionaries is an honor. How we know this stuff that we are expected to to keep and gaurd the things that we have taken upon us. Last week was a big turning point for me. I have gained such a testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true chuch, that Joseph Smith restored the same church that Christ placed on the Earth. I know that we have a a living Prophet upon the Earth. I know with such a certain that no, and I mean no one will ever convince me otherwise, I will go to the grave with that belief. I know that there are many people all being children of God here on the Earth, struggling, fighting or whatever the circumstances may be, Our Heavenly Father knows, each one of us indiviulally. He is standing at the door waiting with much love and patience with many blessings. Remember that we are never alone, he is always with us and wants the best for us. Its never too late, never too far in. Know I love you all is weel.

Have a great week and thank you all for the support!

Elder Strang 

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