Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct. 20 2014
Well the week of progress has come! The last week we finally had some progress come along! We are trying to focus on helping less active members come back to church and helping the ward help those who are iniactive come back to church, because as we know it does help to baptise people then 2 months later they dont want to go to church. So we have been looking at the lists and there are 450 members that are coming to church so our work is defineately cut out for us! On Sunday we had 8 of less avtice members at church, so a little progress is very welcome! 

The week went by super fast and I just dont understand the concept of time? I thought it was tuesday until my companion told me that it was friday.... As far as my compnion we are still getting along quite well. For those who arent getting along with their companions.. a little secret... change yourself before looking to change them, something that we all learn! 

Speaking of less actives, we were teaching a younger girl that was baptized about a year a go and she had stopped going to church. Turns out she had been left after being baptized and no one helped her or visited her. So when she had qeuestions about things of the church, she didnt nkow where to go. A friend showed up from a different church and ansered her questions with the things from what she knew... needless to say there was some other members from the other church that showed up and well after talking, apostasy is very apparent there. Poor girl has roped into lies after being left.... Kinda sad. We all have the need to be fed the word, the true word. When members are baptized or are less avtice they can be fed many things, many of the which are not true. I have thought here in the mission that visitnng those who are less active may be more laborsome than helping someone that wants to investigate the church for the first time, but its not like that at all. With a simple inviatiion they will respond with postive answers. i am going to attach a talk that I found that I invite you all to read. It talks about how we as members can help the less active, although it is from the 1980s it still applies to our day! 

Copy and paste! I wish you all a great week and would love to hear your expirences with "Strengthening the less active" :) I love you all!

Elder Strang

Oct.13 2014

What a week! I have had so many things change in what I believe and how the Lord truly does bless us. Yesterday we had a lesson with a returned missionary who had come home, married and didnt get sealed and is now in active.. choices matter. I was sitting there looking at him yesterday while he talked and looking into his eyes I felt that I had been sent there for a reason, that Our Heavenly Father had sent ME there. I felt his pain and the saddness that he had felt for so many years outside of the church, and a strong desire to help him and his family. It wasnt just the fact the I wanted to Complete a goal, but rather that I needed to help him and all others here complete the goal of a temple marriage. That was a game changer for me. 

We were in the church earlier that day and a sister came up to us and asked for a blessing becasue she was having some trouble with her health. After the blessing I asked her if there was anything else that we could do for her, she asked us if we could talk about what had been going on in life. Return missionary that had married outside of the temple, made some mistakes and now has two daughters that are in college she is a single mother working trying to support both of them. Choices matter. She has now had a bllod vessel turn sideways and is twisting in her ear, which could kill her. The stress had been getting to her and she was struggling to live daily life. 

We all have trials in life but it truly matters the choices we make. We are here to prepare ourselves to compare with Our Heavenly Father, the progress that we have made here on Earth. I stress the importance of planning an well placement with goals, because the desions that we make dont on affect this life but also the next. I hope that you all have a great week and know that I love you all!

Elder Strang

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