Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aug 22nd 2013
What a crazy week...

Starters, please please dont freak out at this, but, Im really sick. I woke up on Wednesday Morning at 2am and had the worst stomach issues that Ive ever had in my life. I wasnt throwing up, but the other stuff was happening. I didnt sleep at all that night so the next morning I slept till 8:30 and then went to the Clinic and saw the American doctor this time and he said that I either have a parasite or a bowel tract infection, so I had to give them a sample and their taking to a lab to be tested. He gave me so anti-parsite pills which are supposed to kill anything in me. I find out tomrrow what it was and then I may be making a trip to the hopitial depending on what it is... No need to worry! I never thought Id say this but Im hoping its a parasite because then Ive already got the pills working in me! I guess a lot of other Elders have the same issue and a bunch are getting whatever this is. They suspect its the food which has been pretty good lately, no need to worry Ill be okay!

We still have the house to ourselves :) Its a miracle... but we told our housekeeper guy to tell them that there was no more room in our house.. so that may be why as well. We are up to almost 1000 missionaries here and its completely madness! The comedor, the cafeteria is overwhelmed and a lot of the times there isnt any food left! Oh well, Ive began to gain a true appreiation of how good we have it in America. They have almost nothing out side those walls. Rent for a house is 250 pesos a month. I dont know how people live like that. We are going to pay on of the workers to bring us stuff in.. were not supposed to but we can smell the taco stands cooking all day long and it smells so good, also we want some coke! It turns out that we werent supposed to go to the temple last week, it was supposed to be this week and so the rest of the dictrict went and me and Elder Thompson stayed because we both are having the stomach issues and to be getting up every 20 minutes and have them pause it woudl not be good! So we stayed on a split here and the rest of them went! I wanted to go but I was in desperate need of a relaxing p day.

Remeber how I told you I was assitant to the district leader? Yeah, well Im not. For a lax of my spanish and a lax of the branch presidents english I thought I was. Last week we found out otherwise. Turns out Im assitant to the President, so Ive got to be a good role model for everyone around me and continually be a good example. This week was hard for me. We have a teacher Hermano Ralphs, Hermano is brother. But, he just pushs my buttons and he is real strict on the rules, not a bad thing but within myself I hadnt accppted everything quite yet.. Not an easy thing to go from a normal teenage boy to a representative of the Lord and drop everything that you loved and had. I had a tough day one day and didnt feel the spirit much that day or the next. About 3:00 pm that next day we taught a lesson. You need to know that we have been teaching proxy investigators, and they are our teachers. They act like investigators that they taught on their missions. So that day we had to teach Hermano Ralphs, and I just was not feeling it and not wanting to do it, but I said a prayer that I could have my heart softened and have true love and pateince for those around me and that if I had the spirit with me than I would love and accpet everyone. Hermano Ralphs investigator name is Timeteo. No one can get through to this guy, he is real tough, but, I went into that lesson with an impression that I was going to be harder than he was. Knocked the lesson out of the park and the spirit was so strong! I finally broke through to him and after the lesson Hermano Ralphs could only say "wow". We are learning how to teach by the spirit.

One thing that Ive learned whyll here is that this work is so much bigger than you or I, and we are only mouth pieces for the Spirit of The Lord. His work is hastening in these latter days and its not a matter of whether you want it too or not its a matter of if you want to be apart in this amazing church. I feel so many changes in myself already. I know that this church is true and that God and his Son live. I know that he died for us because he has true love for us and wants nothing more than than the best for us, and I have a strong testimony that through him anything is possible. You cant just belive in Christ, that he died for us, Joesph Smith was a prophet, but you have to believe Christ. Believe that he died for us and that through him and Only Him can we return to live with our loving heavenly parents again. Believe that through him you can ALWAYS go back and that you are never too far gone. Never give stop trying. I know all this to be true because without the Mercy and Love of our savior, I could not do this work. Its too hard. But with Him, Its a bearable load.

I love you so much and cant wait to hear from you!

Love Kolby

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