Friday, September 6, 2013

Aug 29 th

Wow what a week..

Sorry last week that I wasnt able to get on. Weve been playing a ton of Soccer and my companion took an elbow to the head and had to get 2 stitches so that took about 2 hours! They didnt have any of the stuff they needed and luckily the Americn doctor hadnt left yet! Its crazy down here and gettting injured really isnt a good option! But such is Mexico. Its hard to come up with a lot of things to say because here in the MTC everything just seems to melt togethter and out agenda is the same almost everyday, so I thought I would give you a break down of a typical day:

6:30 am
Wake up shower, get readt, what ever you need to do.

7:00 am
Be in the class for an hour doing personal study

8 am

830 am
Back to the class with your 1st teacher and you have one hour of langauge, one hour of a fundamental which is basically the things in preach my gospel, one hour of progressing investigator.
Progressing investigator: The teacher puts on a role from their mission and you and your companion teach them acording to their needs. This was good at first but we need to get some new people!

1140 am
GYM TIME. gym is gold of the day. We have been playing a ton of soccer on a hard court and we have been balling up the native latinos. No one in my district has played before, but they are all pretty athletic so its been way fun and im gettting way good! Gym is what we look forward too because we are in the class for so long everyday!

1 pm

145pm Tall. Tall stands form technology assisted language learning. It helps a lot and they gave us these red books with all the language things in them so we use those and do the activities afterwards and you learn concepts pretty fast.

245pm additional study time. More class time to study what you want either with your partner or on your own.

330 Our next teacher! Same thing as before he just teaches and does progressing investigator and language and a fundamental.

630 pm

715 pm
More langague study

815 pm
Addtional study time. Same as before.

930 pm
Go home and get ready for bed

Bed although we never seem to get to bed before 1130!

I finally got over being sick. The results came back and there was all signs toward parasites but they didnt find any so the doctor gave me these pills that kill any parasite in your stomach so I just finished taking those yesterday and I am no loger sick! It was rough there for the first 4 days because I didbnt want to eat anything and make it worse so I didnt end up eating those days but now I am back to normal. The days just seem to fly by now and I dont really focuus on time I just focus on what Im working on. Its so hard to stay focused for 16 hours a day in a class.. The langauge finally came to me and I can speak quite well now and Im holding conversions with the latinos that speak all spanish. They are such good people and they come from so little that they have such humble hearts and are such a sweet people.

Yesterday we taught them indiviually without our companions which was hard but taught how to teach without a crutch. They speak so fast and I find myself saying "mas despacio" and "Como" which mean slow down and what did you say. Mom its like trying to understand some of those thick Irish peeps but in Spanish! I feel cofident in what I know and I can keep a converstion going and hold my own!

Im still having a hard time with all rules and being 100% obeident to everything they say. Some of the stuff is riduculous but I just have to remind myself that Im not here to question the rules, only to follow them. When I got here I had doubts on how much that I could learn In 6 week period but it is so amazing what you learn with the spirit revaealing the truths to you. Im sorry that my english is so bad, my brain is like a blender and its full of spanish, englsih and gospel so everything is just tossed in and Im trying to pull the things out that I need! My english is getting a lot worse but spanish is getting better!

Im really excited to get into the field and start changing other peoples lives. I get so pumped even teaching our teachers that I just wanna go do work! I cant believe that I onlly have a week and a half left.. The guy that does flights called our house last night and got some of our passport numbers and said that they are buying our tickers soon so hopefully I will know about when I leave.

Everything is going good and know that I miss you all and miss home and cant wait to see you agian and know that you are in my prayers.
Love you all

Elder Strang

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