Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 2 In Ecuador

Hello Everyone!

Much better last week. Its quite a ride to not know any spanish and be the grande gringo here. I got over the sickness and found out that we arent supposed to eat any street food so that could be the reason that I got sick cause when we got here we didnt have any money so we had to just role with what we had and that was what we had. Dad I hope you dont mind I used my card a little today for somethings because its a 5 week month so we only get 100$ for 3 weeks so that was a surprise so I needed to use my card a little! 

Spanish is getting better and Im getting more used to things. Its still a crazy country and to think that this is home for the next 22 months is a werid thought. We have still been trying to find members to get refferals. The members here are amazing and Im loving them. There is one family that feeds us every night. You have to understand that we always get lunch from a member, but dinner is most of the time snacks or we are tooo busy too stop and get anything, so we dont eat alot of times but for the past week when this memeber found out we dont eat dinner very much she started to make us dinner and she has been doing that since, and Im so greatful for that. 

We taught a lesson the other day to a 60ish year old women and her daughter and greanddaughter. They liked and accepted our invitations to be baptized on oct 4th so that is coming up and we are working with them to get them prpepared. The next day when we went back to teach them again, she had a friend over and we taught her and I invited her to baptized on the 4th aswell and she said yes! So we have 4 baps for the 4th! Crazy how strong the spirit works and Ive learned that its not a problem that my spanish is bad because the spirit is the real teacher and that all you have to do is open your mouth and the words will fill your mouth. In two lessons this week, we taught families that have babies and the moms have just started breast feeding in front of us uncovered.... so that has been a little differnent to say the least..haha Everything is differnet around here. 

Sorry that I was such a basket case last week in my email, I just needded to vent and no one else could understand me so I needed to somewehere. Things are much better and Ii want everyone to never forget howl blessed we are as a country and that we are so beyond blessed to have what we have. I will never forget that and have gained such an appreciation for all the small things that everyone single one of us takes for granted on a daily basis. Theres those that live on 150$ a month here so remember how blessed you are. 

My companion is proving to be a bit more of a challenge than I thought. Im not sure how to handle him and im obviously with him so that I can learn how to be patrient cause that is something that I am really lacking! Im trying but 10 more weeks might either kill me or him.. ha just kidding, but it is a struggle right now.

We got a dooor so that is good and everything is getting a lot better so no need to worry. Dont get me wrong is still differnent a hard in someways but it is getting better and I happy so thats all that matters! The spanish is picking up and the lesson are nerve racking because I dont feel super confindent in my spanish right now but it will come with time. 

Thank you all for the support and the Emails, You have no Idea how much they help. Please keep them coming and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love you alll! 

Much Love, 

Elder Strang 

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