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Sept. 5th 2013  Last week in MTC


Its been another good week in the MTC and I finally get to get out in the field! They have been gettting all of our passport information and we find out this weekend when we leave. The real teaching begins and its seemed like an eternity here but the days do go by so fast and Im really excited to get out and teach. We started to think that we knew spanish but when you try to talk with the natives your idea of speaking becomes nothing. They speak so fast. Just got your package and Im sipping on a root beer eating a cookie right now! Thank you its so good!

Went to the temple this morning and that could be the last time that I get to go in two years. It was alot easier this time because I have learned so much spanish the past 6 weeks, but in retrospec I knoe absolutely nothing. The hardest part about spanish is these irregular verbs. There are the normal base verbs which are easy to remember but when you get into past, future, present and subjetive.... thats when it gets hard. Each section has ireegulars and those are the ones that you have to memorize. Super hard. Go look it up on the internet and you can see what im talking about. Other than that its coming along quite well and I feel that I can hold my own its conversions. We are still teaching our teachers which got old about 2 weeks ago. We got one to commit to baptism and the other is getting asked on saturday. After you commit them to baptism, we just teach them more about the gospel and the things that they questions about.

I am speaking on Sunday in our little sacrement meeting about The Atonement which will be fun becasue Its all in spanish! But it shouldnt bee too hard and I think that I Know enough. I have become incredbily close with Elder Mangum and Elder Dudley. We all gave each other our information and numbers for after the mission and we all agree that its going to be life long friendships. My didtrict is all very athletic and we dominate all other districts in... everything. No on can touch us in sport and its funny to see there reactions when they find out that most of us have never played before. We still somehow have our own rooms in the hosue which is a miracle because there so many other missionaries here. I didnt think that bribing a worker with candy would work but it did. We call it a rightous exchange instead of a bribe. Every week we do service and this past week week we cleaned the main building and the lady that oversees our sevice was so impressed that she was going to get a surprise for us. We were all excited that it was coca cola or something but it was york peppermint patties, but I was greatful becasue they so little so im sure that it was a big thing for her to do. We have gained so many freindships and relations.

The Latinos that we were playin soccer with and the ones that brought us the coca cola came over the few nights before they left and hung out for a couple hours. They would tell us stories of thier home towns and the thigns that went on there. A couple of them were from near the border and thats where the cartel is at its strongest. They would tell of mountains of bodys and people dead or hung in the streets and that after 6 at night you could never go out becuse it was dangerous. We asked about here in Mexico city and they said its very safe on that end because the cartel doesnt have an interest with any thing down here. That night was the last night berfore they left and they brought us ties. They didnt want to take of ours but they just wanted to give us one that they had signed. We all exchanged contact info and said goodbye. These are the friendships that Im going to miss and hopefully some time in the future we will see them!

These are their steps to happiness:
1. El Evanhelio (The Gospel)
2. Futbol (Soccer)
3. Coca Cola
4. Fritas (Crazy Girls)

We had a great time gettin to know them and It showed how much I will love the people in my mission. One of the biggest things that I have learned so far is that we cannot judge someone by their looks. I think all to often we do that and I feel so bad that I did before because after meeting them my whole picture was changed because they were some of the best people that I have ever met.

I started writing a ton more in my journal cause I realized that when I get back that is something that I will want to read with many people, so Ive been wrting more legibly and a lot more. Im filling it up and so Elder Mangum gave me another one to keep me going for a while. I have plenty of stories to share when I get back and I dont think I should share them now.. If that tells you anything! Most people would always say that the MTC is not a good expirence, but I have absolutely loved every minute and even in the hard times I just had to remember that attitude is everything. In those moments when I feel tired and dont want to do anything is where I have found the most growth in myself and learned the most.

I had a long talk with out teacher Hermano Ralphs and he finally spoke English with me. We talked for about an hour and what I thought of him was not who he was at all. Another example of why I shouldnt jundge someone without getting to know them. We talked all about his mission and the things he left and what helped him the most. He a great guy and Ive learned a ton from him. Our other teacher is Hermano Petersen and we call him Rico Suaeve becasue all the ladies want him. Ive learned a lot from him and his personality is a lot like mine so we got along really well from the beggining.

Last night it rained for hours and so hard that the grass started flodding. Me and Elder Dudley and a couple others went out and played soccer in the rain and got completely soaked. We have been playing a ton of soccer and Im playing better than I ever did at home. Im strarting to think that I will play at home. With enough play over the next two years it is a definite possilblilty. My vans are shredded from playing by the way and are being held together by super glue and string!

We have devos every week and we had a live one given by the local area 70. He gave a great talk about memebr work and how important it is to have members involved with the work. I feel like an idiot now because at home I never even cared about it and being here I realize that it is such a huge thing for us. The little things are the ones that we dont notice but those are the things that really change peoples lives. Remeber that as you are in your day. Those little hellos or talking to someone can and will cahnge their hearts.

I know that this church is true, the lords work is hastening, be apart of it and help out everything is good on my end and I am super stoked to get into the field, I love you all and cant wait to hear from you!

Elder Strang

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