Friday, September 13, 2013

  Kolby left the MTC in Mexico City on Monday September 9th.  We were fortunate to get a  call from him at around 11p.m.  I was expecting some tears and trepidation on both our parts, but was comforted to hear his up beat spirit and commitment to the work he is doing.  He was extremely positive about his experience in the MTC, and would even do it all over again because, his words were that he loved every minute of it.  He was traveling with twelve other missionaries and had a lay over in Columbia before reaching Ecuador.  There were only five phones available at the airport for all twelve of them to share, so they had to shuffle.  It truly was a blessing and comfort to hear how well he is adjusting.  As the phone service can be in foreign countries, we kept having the call cut off and he would have to call back, after about the fourth time of this happening he wasn't able to call back and so we haven't heard from him since.  We are hoping that he is okay and that he has reached his final destination safely.

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