Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kolby gets in trouble with MTC

Thank you for all the support! I dont know if you guys heard yet but the MTC emailed my Mission president about us sleeping on the roof the last night we were there and they arent too happy and they may charge us for the mattress that i used because they got wet so I will pay for all of that and I take complete responsiblility for it. Im sorry.
Every tuesday but last week I had to meet with persidnt amaya because of us sleeping on the roof in the MTC and I want you to know I will pay for all of the cost they want to charge us for the mattress and that was stupid and Im really sorry. Use the money that I had earned with dan and linda. And the Pres wanted to talk about mom calling downtown. So that was interesting but they office called today and said I have a package so I dont know if thats both or just one and I dont know how many letters either but dearelders only take one week!
Love you daddy!

Week 3 In Ecuador

Hello everyone!

Hope everything is well in the fridgid Slat lake! The eternal summer is still warm aas ever and the tan is coming along quite nicely!

Anyways quite a good week and the time is flying by so fast now! I cannot beliveve that I start my 4th week here this week! Im doing a lot better and the spanish is coming along so well as long as the people dont talk super fast. Its funny because they will talk and then ask me why i dont understand, but then I just talk and english and ask them why they dont understand. Pretyy funny. 

So after last week when we were walking home from and appointment a stray dog went to bite my leg so I took the oppurtunity to give it a swift kick in the teeth ha it was nice because the dogs thinkk they are all that and we just walk around and throw rocks at them. Im okay, i didnt let it bite me, so need to worry.

We got this little water heater hooked up in our shower so we have hot water! Its so nice and most peole dont have it so whenever you get in the shower try cold water only! Its not as easy as you would thing! I connot stress to you how lucky we are to have all the things that we do. Never take anything for granted. We got more furniture so thats going good, becasue I can hang all my clothes up now ha. 

I get hit on by girls ALL THE TIME its kinda of a joke. But what I wasnt expecting last week was a guy.. He wanted just me to go teach him only me in his house so uh we had to say no to that and we could only teach him in the street ha so that was quite different. The people here are a lot smaller so it hit my head on everything ha. Im seriously a giant here and I fit in nothing. People look at me like Im not from this planet and they arent super strong people so something they struggle with I pick up with ease and they are amazed. The kids here are facinated with me so im gaining popularity there. 

We get fed everyday by a member and most of the time dont eat dinner becasue we are either working or dont have money. Living on 200 dollars a month isnt super easy but we are making it work! 

The Investigators are going okay. They are folling through with commitments and we gained another baptism for the 11th of october and moved the other two to that day because its the family and so we have one this week and hopefully the 4 on the 11th.We got referred to another family that has 3 boys and the parents are divorced so we are hoping to teach the four and set them to a baptism date. Im planning on inviting them today when we have our lesson. So hopefully 9 baps this month! Oh the houses are like something that the pioneers would build in their backyards, pretty rough. Theres a rooster outside our window that goes off every mornign about 5am and Im about ready to murder it. And to quote my MTC teacher, It serves as an alarm clock and will probably serve that purpose until its served for dinner. 

We played basketball today and the hoops down here are all euro so they are like 9ft and i can dunk with ease and they are in awe when I do. Fun day and Pdays are a needed break! I love this church and I know its true! Spread the gospel. The work is hastening, whether you are a part of that of not is your choice. But I hope you will be! Everything is possible with christ.

Everything is getting a lot better! I love hearing from everyone ar home and it really helps me so keep them emails coming! 

I love you all and hope to here from you soon!

Much love,
Elder Strang

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