Monday, October 28, 2013

Have you felt the Earth Shake?

Yeah thats true. Welcome to one crazy place! Last week was quite different it was quite fun.

Well so to start no to worry anybody living on the fault line in SL,UT.. but earthquakes are skeychy things. We were sitting in a lesson and the ground starts moving and the house starts shaking and the wind was blowing a little so I said in english, is this house really that flimsey? No, that was the earth moving. We all just sat there and looked at each other and were like what do we do? It was only 6 or 7 seconds and then it stopped but scared the crap outta me!

Whats an automatic car? The last auto car I saw was the expedition. Everything is manual. Fords are nice cars, you have a ford, you have money. I see Mercedes all the time! The buses are all Mercedes, but manual. 

Whats carpet? Yeah the last time I saw carpet was the night before I left on my mission, since then I have not had the envigorating expirence of streching out on some carpet.. Miss it. 

This week we recieved more missionaries! More white people! Ha we are at 250 missionaries here and get more in 6 weeks. My zone got split this week and we went from 12 districts to only 6. They are prepping for the more that are coming here soon. Crazy thing is that we have 9 Americans and only 3 Latinos in our zone. 

So a little venting about my comp. How much can my patientce be tested? The problem is its not just me anymore! People in the ward are complaining to me about him! And Im like Im sorry ill talk to him but I aint here to babysit which Ive already done too much of! Aye aye aye... The other day at lunch we had the usual rice, soup, and some kind of unidentifyable piece of meat ha, you gotta know that down here with meat you never use forks or knifes, you go animal style and just rip it with your mouth, so anyways im just sitting eating my food and guess what comes flying outta his mouth onto my plate and on the table... yupp food from his mouth. THREE times! Are you kidding me dude? So I let that go and later that night I get out of shower and Im writing in my journal and eating some quality gelatin that I have master making and guess what! He sneezes all over me! I was so pissed, he just started laughing...this isnt even the half of it! Patientce and long suffering along with charitiy and love :) 5 weeks? Whos counting? 

Anyone have any ideas how to sleep? Still not sleeping and dont know why. My comp snores so loud and the ear plugs dont work its that loud! I started using this water bottle with a stream nozzle and whenever he is so loud I shoot a jet of water right at his face and thats working for now haha.

Dad remember how you taught me how to plan? Yeah thats such a big thing in life and I shoulda used that more at home when I was there. Big thing and its amazing how much you get done when you have a plan.

Food this week: Fried corn with bacon.. Oh boy sooo good and probably terrible for me but wow is it good. The secret to listerine... just kidding ha there isnt one you just gotta let it burn your mouth and then youll be good! 

So last night.... Well there is an Elder in my district that leaves this week and so the Hermana that we live with threw a party dinner for him. Way fun and went a lil late. So to start the women here are going a little crazy over me... I dont mean the cockily but its weirdddddd. Last night a member, was all trying to hug me and kiss my head and stuff. Three things wrong with this: Number 1 youre married, 2 Im a missionary, 3 youre like 40 get off me! Ha the other hermanas gave her a talking too and then she just did it agian. Younger girls around my age? Same thing. Huge flirts! Can you not see the name tag on my chest that you are always staring at? 

So the party went till like 11 because I had to cook meat for 20 people on a 15 inch grill, that took sooooo long and the same women the whole time I was cooking were like ¨Oh look how monsterous and beautiful he is¨ in English of course... Oh my, Im taking sorry. So the other Elders dont live with us and they ended sleeping at our house on the floor.. whereever you could find.. Not a good night of sleep! 

So to top it all of today.. We went to Malecon, not sure how to explain it, go Gooooooogle it! But so we are in Mac doe, Mickey dees whatever you call it for lunch and theres a white dude. He comes up and says you speak English? Yeah dude Im white. Hes from Russia.. Ohhh my gosh the things this dude said. He says yeah its crazy here I dont know much spanish hard to get by. So I ask, why you here? He says to party, get women (not that nicely), and I dropped 150 on women last night, you getting women too? What did you just say? Hi were Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints annnnnddd you need Jesus and His Gospel. Hahaha

So we are having a way hard time finding people. We are not getting refrences and as a zone we are all really struggling. People always back out on plans they dont ¨have time¨. Not sure what to do. We are knoking dorrs but that only works so far and members arent pulling through with any refrencias which means its all left onto us. Not sure what more to do than put faith in Christ and go hit some doors. Everything is possible with a seed of faith and if we put our trust in God what do we have to worry about? Not a thing. 

I love you all and miss you Mom, Dad and Daniel so much. Thanks to everyone who sends me stuff, please continue too, It helps me more than you could ever know! 

Elder Strang

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