Monday, November 4, 2013

Kolby finds a Live One on P Day

Well another different and interesting week 8 in the Ecuador! 

For starters, how do I have a sinus infection in such a humid place? So I started not feeling too hot just kidding its always hot. hah but I started feeling sick last wednesday and then it got worse till I called the mish president on saturday and I guess Im not supposed to wait that long cause he gave my comp a chastizing saying that we need to call sooner and go get it taking care of. So yesterday I was told to go to the Clinic which is the hospital to get checked and get some meds. Holy sketchy, I do no like being in there at all. So with my spanish I talked with a doctor about medical stuf.. no big deal there ha and then he gave me a precription and you dont have to paly for a thing here. Use a medical card, and then walk out. Bit different from home right?

So the meds they gave me... Before without taking anything with just the sickness I just felt that my head was detached from my body, but when I took these, wooooowwww. 625 mg of a roller coaster. 1 step I sleep. They cause my to literally knock out. 2 step, last night we were sitting in a lesson and I kid you not the walls started moving and my body lost all weight. Crazyiest out of body expirence I have ever had! Kinda fun! 

Other things. Today, I got a haircut and the lady thought I was 27 and totally wanted to go out. Ha nope. I cannot explain how many women just flirt it up, but the crazy thing is we kinda can us a little to our advantage...

This week we had the new Zone Leaders come on a trio with us, so we had one elder and the others in our sector had one. Hes from Oregon and I sweat hes my twin lost at birth. We talkand decided to use the flirting to our advantage a bit and then well be able to get more baps. hah so we tried it and got two baptism dates in that day! haha anyways right now Im a Trio again with an elder from ut. Woodscross and i call him gringo falso. Which means false American. His comp is going home beacuse he finished his mish. That was hard to see and maybe a bit homesick! You get really close with them and then they jet to another area in the mish or home. Anyways the falso gringo.. the other day we sitting at lunch and I asked him how to say bacon in spanish, he says whats bacon? Youre not American, get out. hhaha Hes okay and quite different!

We are still having a hard time trying to figure out why we dont have refernces or any baps, and I did figure it out! I cant explain much but know Im trying to help fix it and then next week pray for me to have more success! This week we went into an area in our sector that we havent been in beore, I dont like it. Not much good feelings there. We taught a lesson to a lady there and she says, your bible is not equal to mine. we show here THREE times that they have the exact same words, she says, still different, mines better and walked away. Wait what? You just looked with your eyes? 

Had fresh caught dorado fish this week and it was so gooood. Had it with a fresh made salsa too, so I felt right at home :) Dorado, 3.50 a pound. Talk about cheap! 

Everything else is going well and I thank you for all your support! Much love and I miss you all an thank you for all the emails, they help me! 


Elder Strang

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