Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 11! 

Friends, Family, estemed aquitances. Hello, thank you for the support! All is well here and is moving along faster and faster. This week picked up at the end a bit and so Im feeling better about that. 

So to start, they are really not efficent with anything here, like for real. They have no garbage system, you just dump it in the street and then they drive around with dudes hanging off the back and they pick it up by hand. Watering plants is this giant truck with a pump and a guy hanging off the back of the truck spraying the plants haha, they sometimes spary people and they get soaked so fast hahaha. Another thing is passports. My comps passport expired so he cant leave the country haha and this is the 4th time we have tried to renew it but they give us differnet instrutions everytime. We slept in the mission home with the assitants and the elders that work in the office. Then the next morning we woke up and 5:30 and went and stood in line for 2 hours then while my comp and an elder from the office were in the consulate we stood outside for another hour and a half... They walk out with nothing... 

Anyways, Tuesday. We had a big 5 zone meeting where an area 70 spoke to us for.... 4 hours... then two hours from the president and his wife, that was too much time in the chpel with a 40 min break for lunch. It was really good and I finally understood! Nice and crazy to see how my spanish has progressed. I understand almost everything but Im having a hard time speaking it, Its a ton to remember!

Had my 2nd split in 3 months.. Finally. hah that was really good and learned a lot of things from Elder Curberos, from Columbia. Hes me ZL and we killed it got tons of people to listen and want us to come back and listen again! Things are better, I learned that I just need to take the lead and I did that the next day and we are doing good now. 

Yesterday at church I met a guy from Utah, Hes here on business and Is a lawyer for Young essitanel living oils. Cool guy talked with him and said that he served in Mexico 13 years ago. Lives in lehi. They have a farm down here and do 350 million a year now! Crazy huh?

Well, I want to thank everyone for the support and look forward to hearing from you! Love you all and hope all is well! 


Elder Strang

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