Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 10

Time is flying. 3.5 months done as of today. Pretty typical week, at least like they have been for forever. Anyways, I think I learned one of the most important life lessons this past week, one that I knew I needed to learn but I dont think that I could have learned it any other place than here. I do not know why I was letting myslef be bothered by my comp? Why? I could teach him, show him what to do, and the likely hood is that he would move on after the short time we have together and then just do it again with the next companion. I realized that, this is the way he was taught, the way he grew up and the way he is. I dont need to change him, hes a unique person and if he wants change then he needs to do it himself not me. I also realized Im not here to be the teacher, the babysitter or the counslelor... Im here to be an example and love him. That whole time I was looking for things I could change in him, when all I had to do was change one thing in myslef. And now, Im happy, things are the same but with my attitude different, Im a lot happier then I was. 

I was studying PMG this week in the attibutes of Christ chapter and learned alot. Also thinking back to how people judge those around them. For what? Because they walk differnet? Talk different? Well, they do not know a single thing about them and they have no room to judge. Makes me sick to think how many times every single day that happens. Happens here with me. Yeah Im white, Im tall. If we were all the same, what fun would that be? I wnt everyone to remember that were not here to change or judge only to love, help and accept.

Anyways, got some cooking lessons this past week from the lady that lives below us and I make some mean salad and some killer rice now. Yeah I know, Rice isnt that hard... Yeah good rice, my rice ooooo baby, so good! Trying our for iron chef Ecuador next Pday. haha 

On wednesday my comp and the comp of another elder had a meeting with all the leaders in the mission because they are district leaders sooo I dont know who thought it was a good idea to put two new missionaries together ahha becasue this Elder, Elder Saman was in my same group that came here haha so it was interesting to have us two unexpirencened Elders together for they day, needless to say we were a bit lost! 

Tomorrow we have a big meeting with the Mish President. Hes trying to uplift and motivate us because the mission as a whole is stuggling right now. They set a high goal to hit 290 baptisms before the end of the year so the work is cut out for us. 

Agency. Our hardest thing to overcome. Not very many like to follow through with comittments or read or come to church. They dont even seem to like to give it a shot. Its hard as a missionary becasue I want them to follow through and be able to recieve the blessings that we promise, and its also hard beacause we want to have success. Persevar hasta al fin, endure to the end! They are out there.

Thanks to all who write me and applogies for my English, Im not speaking it too well either. But thanks for all the support, please keep it up, its helps so much. Love and miss you all! 

Elder Strang

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