Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 9 I think? 

Well, I have learned a lot this past week, and that is to never give up. We have been denied, shut down, book of mormns returned and no one wanting to follow through with commitments. The whole agency thing can be a killer for the missionary work. People dont understand that Im here for them, that I care about their eternal salvation and that rides on everything we are telling them and is testified in a book that they are holding in their hands. This week I broke down after an investigator returned a book of mormon and didnt want to talk with us anymore, I called the zone leaders and talked with them. I learned something very important. When you care so much about one person to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, walk your legs off all day in 90 degree weather with 90% humidity, all for this person. Its hard to leave people when they arent progressing because you feel so much hope and love that they can and will do it. Enduring to the end and having hope that you will find those who are prepared for you, thats the thing that I learned last week.

We put 3 baptism dates last week and the one was for last saturday but shes having a true trial of her faith and shes struggling with a lot right now. Also antoher family, we put two dates with them and hoping to put the others tonight!

So when I got here someone forgot to metion that different words have different meaning in spanish countries. For example. Bag, like a grocery bag. Normally you would say bolsa, but here you use fonda because bolsa means man parts. So ask me what it was like when I walked into a store and said I need a bolsa.... hahaha

Papa Jhons last week was manna from heaven! 2 for 1 on tuesdays so we split the cost and got two giant ones! Really good and shared with the people we live above and they seemed greatful for that. Last week was a little better with the comp but everytime it just gets broked back down but something dumb. He´ll lose patientce and there goes what we built up. Trying and gotten to the point where Ive realized I cant change him, I can only love him. 

Im not sick anymore which is good! But those pills were a trip everytime that I took them! Haha lesson were interesting and the dreams I had... Unbelievable. 

Thought Id share a little from my journal from day one here. It says: ¨Well here goes nothing, not really sure what Im doing and the questions, why am I here, where am I going and where did I come from keep playing through my mind. We got here and started with a lesson with a member which fed us dinner. Rice, beans, and chicken. It was good and I hope it doesnt destroy my stomach because we dont have any toliet paper right now..¨ haha come a long way from that ha

Well all is well. Other thing from this week, I want to be a doctor. Im very sure of it now and everytime I think of dentist it just doesnt feel right, so Ill be swiching the name tag of ¨Elder Strang¨ to ¨Doctor Strang¨ when I get back. 

Miss you all and cannot thank you enough for the support. Love you and keep sending me stuff! Love you guys!

Elder Strang

A little extra questions I asked him:

What kind of food are you eating most of the time? What do you like you are trying new?
Rice rice and more rice! every meal starts with soup and then some kind of unidentfiable meat and tons of rice! I dont really know what Im eating sometimes cause I still havent learned all the words for food yet! But there is just not sure what it is...

What are the people like in there cultural?
Same as home just a more extreme and rampant level. 
Do they have the same sociaty problems we do? Divorce,pornography,drinking,smoking, drugs ect?
BAD! The drugs and theft are very bad and some parts of the city and super dangerous and we arent allowed in. Theres a part in my sector that we arent allowed to enter after 6 in the evening. Most people dont get married they just hook up, have kids and then live their lives. porn is terrible. they sell it on the streets and every internet cafe has it. 

What do you love about the place.
food is good and the people are amazing. The members espically. Sometimes im nervous but im learning and trying my best. 

What don't you like about it?
The sketchy parts of the city. Early mornigs and being denied..

Daddy I love you too I would love some lquid bandage and I sent the other list to mom. I love and miss you so much and look forward to talking today :)


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