Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 6

Wait its pday again? Wheres the time going?

People of Murray and surrounding areas! Hello! Hows it going there its SL,UT? Its nice and warm here as always and not changing ever! I have a little clock in my room that has temp and it is 85 degrees when i go to bed every night! Thankful for a fan or I´d die! The sun is getting way stronger and im getting burrrrnnttt even with sunscreen! Yes mom, Im actually wearing suncreen! Im not a huge fan of cancer or cutting my life short so id thought id give it a try! 

Anyways I bought some aloe vera last week, 8 dollars for a small bottle. They like to bend over americans for american products. I bought some honey from here and it was like 2 dollars for a huge thing of it and Its THE BEST Honey ive ever had! Ill have to bring some home when I come! Its called ecuamiel, they have a website check it out. I buy bannas, tangerines and pan (bread) on the streets everynight before we go home and its 5 cents for a banna, 5cents for a tangerine and a hoagie sized loaf is only 10 cents so im getting fresh stuff for the mornings! 

Problem= Not sleeping good at all. Answer= dont have one. I wake up in the mornings dead and fall asleep during study time then sometimes during lessons! I dont know why but its not good! No need to worry ill figure it our here! 

I cannot describe how annoyed with my companion I am.No hygiene. we cleaned the apartment today and after he had stuck his hand in the toliet. Bare hand keep in mind, didnt wash it. I was like no! Dude wash yo hands! He never does! Pick nose, play with animals, touch face, shake hands, use bathroom, eat food, use phone, give me phone, want to use my stuff... NO! Like come on, thats gotta change! He has low patientce for everything and so Ive learned that I need to have it. Also Never washes dishes, all stuff that weve all done, but until you have to be the one to deal with it its not fun. SOrry mom and dad for all those times that I was lazy! And when I get back Ill be starting a babysittin service for all those interested. Ill be the best babysitter after Ive been babysitting latinos for two years. I feel that Im the trainer not him... 

This past week the ecuador national team started to play and they go H.A.M. We arent allowed to watch the games ( Another un written rule) But we did cause the whole, I mean whole country shuts down. Everything stops for the game and Everyone wheres jerserys and soccer stuff., Crazy. They won and have another game tomorrow.

Quick note: Ill be an 8th done with the mish in two weeks! Nuts right? ANyways we have my first bap this week! I wont be the one baptizing but we are the ones who found, taught and got her there so I think that counts. ITs hard to build a strong relationship with them which is nessecary for them to want you to baptize them with the little spanish that I know, but the spanish is so much better and Im feeling good about it. 

We are teaching a lot of lesson but its hard to get people to let us in. We are in a nicer area and so they arent big on talking with us. We are working really hard and walking about 7 miles a day. We have full scheduals and no one has been home because the kids here just had their spring break this week! Anyways Ive been studying in PMG In chapter 6 about Christlike attributs and have been trying to apply them in my life. Its great and Im seeing alot of changes in myself which feels s good. The church is so tru and how could it not? I thought for a while, why would people wantt to listen to young men? Its because the spirit is so stong that it testifies to these people that it is true. 

I love you all so much and Miss you mom and dad and daniel more than i can put into words love you with all my heart. 

Keep sending stuff everyone it really helps me! 

Love always, 
Elder Strang

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