Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 7

Como estan? Everything is good here in the city of Guayaquil! Good week! Started on Tuesday with the normal district meeting and then I had spilts with The Zone leaders... A gift sent straight from Heaven. I needed a break from the comp and to get my head cleared up a bit. It was so nice. I went to Las Orquideas which is a good 5 minute bus ride from my area. These Elders are so chill and I just get along with them. My comp is very impatience and throws a tantrum everythme somthing doesnt go his way. Pero Esta Bien! Their house is a step up from ours and is huge! Three bath, two level, brand new. I went with Elder Cuberos and we did a solid nothing because Tuesday the Ecuador team had another game vs Chile and the whole country and all our appointments canceled for the night. Ask me how frustrating that is? We ended up a members house watching the game and got thrown out close to the end becasue we were cheering for Chile to make them mad! Ha they lost the game so their werent to happy bout that. 

So how crazy is this country you ask? Well you got something you dont want? Oh okay, Burn it in the street. You have 12 cats? Oh okay. You ditch work for the game and so does everybody else? Ohh okay.You take photos of white people and marvel at their every move? Oh okay. You drive a bus like a sports car? oh okay. 

Buses: Sketchy things here. They seriously drive like a sports car. They dont obey any traffic rules and go as fast as they want. Its not like home whre you wait at a bus stop. You want on? Hail the bus like a taxi. Soon as your on, they hit the pedal with full force and go crazy! Hold on or die. Only two options. They also like to see how many people can fit on one bus. And most of they time im not down to be grinding with some dudes and chicas in the buses so I stand by the door and hang off the side. Its not dangerous, just fun! Hahaha.. 

So interesting thing this week... I was in the shower one night and the lights flicker and the just shut off.. Why? Its 10 at night and just off. So I finish the final rinse cycle and dry off and yell to my comp, Que paso? (whats up) he has no idea. We go downstairs and everyone and their 12 cats is out in the street and one dude is spraying the electrical box with a fire extinguisher.. oh okay. So we ask and they dont know what happend. TWO DAYS without electricity. Oh okay. So then the figure out that the cause was our electric shower head that dumb dumb hooked up BACKWARDS. Are you kidding me? There must be a higher power watching out casue I used that shower for a solid 4 weeks without dying. So now we are back to the shower with the water straight out of the Artic. Oh okay. 

Weathers changing... Ha just kidding. Still hot but its more clouldy for the rain season that is fast approaching. I guess ill get to swim or be able to baptize in the street cause the water goes up to your waist. 

Cockroaches. The most terrible things in the world. Useless creepy little creatures. They just stare at you and I kid you not I talk to them and ask them what they are looking at. Creepy little bodies staring like they want sum muscle.

By the way Im putting weight on (Muscle baby) Okay everyone calm down... No seriously calm down. Ive already got enough of that to deal with here with all these people! hahaha

Ordered a custom tailored suit from one of the members. Price? 80 dollars total and top notch quality suit. Finally got a bishop called. Hes 27 and all this time has spoken english. Thanks bish. Ha 

Food is on carb overload and you dont even wanna some of the stuff ive eaten.. I dont even wanna know ha but one hermana always feeds us canned green beans with tofu like chees boiled eggs and parsley and cilantro. I couldnt do it this week. I about threw up and just put it in my pocket and we left aha

Okay, now for the good part. BAPTISM! I was the baptist too! So amazing and so spirtual. She cried the whole time the spirit was so strong and all I could do was smile. I was so great. The name was a little difficult because they have 4 names here and I memorized the prayer before so that wasnt to bad. In our church with a good turn out and good talks that memebers shared before. I was honored to baptize her and Im honored to be here called of God to do his work and his glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man :) I love this church! 

Our area is proving to be difficult and people arent opening up the doors, everyone cancels appiontment and its honestly a downer a bit. I want to help people but the whole agency thing seems to get in the way a lot. We are working hard and walking a lot but its real hard right now. We talked in Ward consel and basically the stake president gave a smackdown speech in sacreament about how the members are missionaries and and they need to do thier parts and help us out with the lords work. So hopefully that will help. Went to a sister in the ward that got her mish call last night... brought back memeories to say the least.. haha 

Miss you all and love you all so much! Please keep writing it helps me so much! 


Elder Strang

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