Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hello to all! Well first off Im all good now, no more sickness! Feels good to not have that crap in my body! Well I got transfered last week but like I said I didnt go because I was sick in bed. So on Tuesday morning packed up and got into a bus headed for Duran. So I am in the same location jsut in a different sector. My secotr is Panaorama and well wow. This isnt like any other sector Ive seen in the mission. They have tole me that it is in the top 3 richest sectors in the mission. I kid you not that I feel that I am In The United States. Clean paved streets, AC in every house, every one drives cars, no more motorcyles. First day we went out with a ward missionary, takes out his Iphone 5S, first time Ive ever seen one of those! Its a good sector :) In the mission we say that we you go home that you ¨die¨in the mission so this sector will be a good sector to die in! :) Oh the food is way good, and now I know what it is like to be in a US mission because we cant contact! Everyone has those little call boxes with cameras so knocking doors doesnt do a thing! We are working a ton with memebers and,referreals that they give us! Different world here. 

My companion is named Elder Guzman from Honduras but he lived in the US for 7 years, and yes lived in Utah so he speaks Englished perfectly! Pretty cool, they are citizens and all there. His dad owns a tons of famous barber shops in Honduras. Cool guy, we work very weel together. We are having to baptisms this Saturday wahoo! And there were two baps in Milagro that I couldnt go to because the freaking monkey bus system that they have here! But they were baptized. Everything is going very well here! 

Today we went to paintball and that was a blast! First time in my life that I have ever done that! It was super humid and hard to see through that mask cause it had jsut rained but It was a blast still. I shot 5 people and got them out and didnt get shot at all! Only one to not get shot :) Military cpuñd be a good thing I guess? 

Have a good week all! And love you all, give referrals to the Misisonaries there, its not fun not to have anything to do! 

Elder Strang

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