Monday, April 6, 2015

Well that was another fast week. Great week last week. Temple, 2 baptims, zone conference.. among lots of other things. 

On Thursday morning we woke up at 5 and left for the Temple which is a good 45 minutes from where we are. We left in the pouring rain. We had a great session and then headed to the chapel where we had a zone conference. Its always like getting the batteries recharged in the conferences. President always knows exactly what to say when we need it. He has started to change some of the rules that he has seen in his 9 months here. 9 months that have gone by some quickly.. but after the conference we headed out to leave in the pouring rain, lighting here by the way is wicked. We says strikes all around us, we were going to take a bus but then we saw a ray stike a good 250 yards away, so I replied get in the taxi! It was cool leaving from the storm because it literally was a wall of water that moved into the city and we were running from it. We could see nothing because there was so much rain. The next day rain non stop and so we had a day walking around the two of us, under one small umbrella. 

This week we have teaching and watching the Preach My Gospel videos with memebers about how they can lose the fear to share the Gospel. We have a couple of appointments this week to see how that goes! We had a baptism on Friday and one on Sunday. The one on Friday was great but the one on Sunday was crazy! We have an Investigator that was supposed to get baptized over two weeks ago but didnt. So yesterday in the Sacrament meeting be told him that we wanted to talk that night. He came and we had filled up the baptismal font and we had the lesson in that room. We proceded to have one of the most spirtual lesson I have had in my life. He imediately said that he wanted to bapized on the spot! So we called President to ask permission, I did the interview, Elder Guzman ran home to get clothes, and he was baptized :) and then confirmed on spot. Its was incredible :) It was a good week :) 

March 23

Baptism! mWe had our first here in Panaorama! We are working with the family one by one! It started with the son now the daughter and this Friday, the mom! :) Then the rest of the familiy! This past week was quite the weather interesting week! Its balzing hot here in Duran and has rained the mother of all rains this past week. There were two days straight that it rained all day without stop. I was wet from waist down, the jacket works but it doesnt cover all the way to my feet, so it was a super wet week! And then after? The blazing sun comes to evaporate it all! Its like walking thourgh a stream room! 

We had splits this last week with the zone leaders and everyone in the zone is very old as far as mission time goes. The majority of us have more than 18 months, so we are killing it with success because we are all very expirenced. 

The food in my secotr just gets better and better and the memebers are way good to us. I walk for house to house and they all have AC. Its great, President has sent me to a peaceful place to finish. :) 

We are now working a lot with memebers. We are teaching them how and training how they can present theris friends to us. The knocking doors approaches doesnt work here so we are wokring hard with memebers to get the help from them. Elder Guzman and me had a nice long talk this week about the free agency of people. He was very frustrated that people werent doing the things that they should or how we wanted but we learned that we have to respect the choices of others. Its the first gift that God gave to us and it will never be taken away. The mission is great :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week, help the Elders, they need you! 


Elder Strang

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