Monday, April 27, 2015

For those of you who dont know, I have a new comp. Elder Guzman was transfered and will be missed, although my new comp is way chill. His name is Elder Noll form Springville Utah. Hes a complete stud! I think he is my long lost twin, we honestly have too much in common and get along really well. Its funny to tell stories about home and see how many things are like the same. He has about 9 months in the mission and has told me alot about home and how things changed and what things had become popular. Sounds like a lot has changed. 

This past week was spent looking relentlessly for a new house. We searched and searched. One night at 7pm (keep in mind that the sun goes down at 6) we called to see a house that was up for rent. After 10 minutes the guy shows up and then takes us in. The house turned out to be a government ran nursery that was shut down a couple months before. So we enter in the house and the power was off, we ended up walking through the house with our cell phone screen lighting the path. The house was huge! It was like living Paranormal activity. After being taking down the 2nd hall all the way down, Elder Noll started freaking out saying that the house was haunted and that the dude was gonna jump us or kill us. We keep hitting lit switchs and finally in the kitchen the light came to revel bats living in the roof and the floor strewn with all sorts of beat us childrens toys. After that we got out and said we´d call him. After looking and praying that week we finally found a smaller but brand new, super nice house. So we called the asistants and we will be moving in there late today! :) 

Its weird to see things coming to an end. I have seen many missionaries that I have known and loved are now going home and starting their lives. It doesnt seem that it will come to an end. This has been my life, is my life and now.. I dont know how to explain it.... Its all just been amazing. Part of me is excited to see home again but part of me will always be a missionary. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Strang

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