Monday, April 13, 2015

What a great Conference weekend! If you didnt get anything out of that you should check yourself! In the mission we dont have the oppurtunity to watch conference in our houses so we spent 10 hours sitting the chapel and it was a well spent 10 hours! I loved the priesthood session and Elder Ballards talk and the focus that was put on youth thoughout the conference. 

Its been a difficult week, we are still looking for families to teach, its a hard game here. Contacting didnt go super hot this week, and to add to it, the rain has been incredible! The streets have been completly flooded, I kid you not that the water is up to my knees! There is now way to walk, and its just a wall of water. Lighting strikes are wicked and strike way close to us, fighting the elements! 

Easter here is a little different than home. Its called La Semana Santa and its mostly a Caholic holiday where they do all sorts of stuff the whole week. There wasn't really anything special the whole week, Easter dinner was great though check out the photo :)

Not much else for the week, I hope you all have a great week and can relisten and apply the conference in your lives! Love you all!

Elder Strang 

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