Thursday, April 16, 2015

This past week has been incredible hot. Walking through the streets feeling that your bones are getting a tan, its that hot. I dont know why there cant be a middle ground. Its either pouring rain or walking through hell. Im way dark on my arms, face and neck and I think its a tan that will never go away. You may be asking why we walked around in the sun so much? Last week President Riggins and his wife visited our house to check the cleanliness, it was not super clean, the reason being is that everytime that it rains, water comes in the house and gets everything wet. The wall looks like someone threw a bucket of water all over and theres water that comes out of the floor. So they told us that we could live there anymore and that we needed to fined a house ASAP. We have been walkng around looking for house all week and have found only worse than we have now, but we will find one this week. :)

We are sharing the Because of Him video with the whole world here. I think we had 25 lesson last week just teaching with the video and then sharing scriptures about the Atonement. It has been going great but we dont have investigartores! We are working hard but we cant seem to get any.. Hoping this week we will find some! Its crazy to see all the people that I know coming home from the mission. It doesnt seem quite real yet, these have been two great years that honestly in the beggining I never thought would end but it will sonn be over. 

Love Elder Strang 

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