Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20 2015  Outer Darkness

What a week. I dont ever know where to begin. So what happened is that we were without power for 4 days last week. The reason being is that the house owner didnt get out light bill to us on time so the company came a cut the power to our house. Here in South America they sure are great to charge you and cut the power but not so great to hook it back up. So they came Thursday night to hook the lights back up. We had power that night and the next day at 7:15 in the morning the power turned off again and so we called about 5 more times and they sent NO ONE. Very unrealible here, so that night the house owner called some friend of his that work for the electric company and they came and fixed it. So everything was fine, we went to a lesson and came back an hour later and turned the lights on. After four days it was almost unreal, but something was different, they were extremely bright but we decided to plan for the next day. After about 5 two light bulbs exploded! And so we turned the rest off. We tested the fans and they turned on like a jet engine starting and blew themselves over! So after a pleading call to the electric company they sent a car out to finally fix it. Turns out that someone along the way had down some jack jibbly messed up job and the power was at 240V... Everything in the house was fried. We know have no fridge or microwave. But at least my hot water is back :) 

This week was diferent. I think I said how we didnt have any investigators so we did a clothing drive with a memeber and decided to give that cloting away to the needy and then just asked them if we could visit them to share a message. We got two famiies out of it! Wahoo! Thinking outside of the box on that one! So we are now teaching two great families. Elder Guzman will be transfered tomorrow, it hasnt been that long of a time that we have had together but it has been a great time together. My next companion will very likily be my last. It been quite the ride these past two years and will finishly strong in these next short months. 

I want to thank you all for the love and support that you all give to me and the wonderfull example that you all are. I love this Gospel, I know its true and I live. Have a great week!

Elder Strang

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